You are a magical fairy-wizard patron saint of beauty, light, and cameras. - Carson, New Orleans, Lousiana

How do you DO that??!! So amazing how you got the eye that sees and seizes these evocative secret designs in the everyday. - Camilla, Ithaca, NY

I got the pictures and they are amazing! Thank you again for all your help. You are truly the best. - Mike, New York, NY

Regan, you are truly the poet of pictures! - David, Lancaster, PA

Your photography is beautiful. I can see the richness of who you are in how you see the world. – Stefanie, Reading, PA

These are verrrry good….vivid, story-telling, deep. Love 'em all. – John, South Orange, NJ

If I ever need a photographer, I'll be coming to you...each composition is gorgeous. – Arun, Delhi, India

Your eyes are the world's eyes. So glad to see through them. - Caroline, Athens, GA

These photographs are very good compositions, nicely balanced. They make me happier. You are a great artist. – Frank, Fukuoka, Japan

Many people walk through the world and never see these kinds of relationships until others reveal them. You are not only one who sees color well, but you also have a spatial sensibility that is uncommon. – Tom, Atlanta, GA

The pictures are amazing. I could totally just stare at all of them all day. I love my babies and you take the most amazing pictures of them so that I can remember how beautiful and sweet they are now….You are the very best. THANK YOU! – Rebecca, Nashville, TN

Your photographs: but Regan, they are first class! Every single shot would make me proud. There is life in them, and sense of composition, and atmosphere, and a skillful use of natural light. Complimenti, brava! - Silvio, Milan, Italy

These pictures are brilliantly evocative. -- William, Albany, NY

Your pix of children I like best of all -- the eyes of the young blonde girl, extraordinary. They look at you and open up to you in a most unusual way. Your landscape/still lifes are beautifully composed and rendered…they are aesthetically beautiful. Bottom line: You are a very good photographer. – Jon, U.K.

It really is a very specific talent you have. Anyone cannot just grab a camera and take a picture. Your photos tell stories and they really are worth more than just looking at. My son and I like to discuss them as we go and it takes time. Your photos need to be absorbed. Lovely. – Maria, Lancaster, PA

I love these! Your work is so amazing. - Olivia, New York, NY

I LOVE your sense of detail, color and humor! – Beth, Tarrytown, NY

THANK YOU. You captured my little dude perfectly ... he's a gorgeous mess! - Kieran, Portland, OR

The pictures are amazing and the quality is amazing... :) GREAT WORK!!! - Alexis, Los Angeles, CA

"Regan took my last set of professional photos, including the one I use for my LinkedIn profile. I was impressed by her creativity and dedication to getting the best shots. She was great fun to work with, easing my nervousness. I'm very happy with the results." - Ashley, New York, NY

Wow, what fabulous pictures! I've just spent a very happy don't-know-how-long wandering through your portfolios, and I emerge very impressed. You find so much that's worth recording - including transient moments and unobserved things - and record it all wonderfully well. - Rick, New York, NY

You really do have a talent - this is a calling. The photos were better than any other wedding photos I have seen. The children’s photos were especially good. - Loria, New York, NY

You really have an eye for everyday beauty and wonderful light. And your photos of children are spectacular. - Helen, Glen Ellyn, IL

You are amazing and I love them all! Sheila, Brooklyn, NY